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Soloboy Japanese angel enjoys hot fuck FreeBlackToons play

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JAV: “look at it this way we do get off at 1:30 today” “oh fuck yah” Amy said “what are u doing after anyways?” “I don’t know” Replied Crystal “well I’m coming over” Amy said “ok whatever” Crystal replied as the bell rang “oh shit” Crystal said in a rush “come over at like 4” “ok” Amy replied as she slowly walked in to her class HD Porn Pink” as she slid them down to Amy’s ankles Crystal thought to her self wow what a nice pussy as she slowly leaned in and stuck out her tongue to taste Amy’s sweet juices holy shit Crystal thought as she started licking up and down Amy’s wet slit it tastes sooooo good and Crystal started to go harder licking u whatever Amy had to offer “OOOHHH YA I LOVE THAT” Amy went on screaming “UUUUUMMMMM LICK THAT CHOCOLATE PUSSY” and Crystal continued to go harder and harder and then slid her two fingers into Amy an Amy had done to her before “YAHHH BABY RIGHT THERE” Crystal started to feel Amy get ready to climax and continued to suck on her clit until Amy Blurted “IMMMM CUMMMINGG” Crystal just started to lick all of what Amy could give her making sure she didn’t waste a single drop “AWWW YAH baby that was amazing” as Amy got up and swapped tongues with Crystal as Amy got to taste her wonderful juices “its not over yet” Crystal replied as she ran down to her room and grabbed her pink friend “you ready for another go” crystal said “Oh hell yah” Amy said excitedly Crystal started sucking on the dildo then slowly eased it into Amy’s pussy “OOOOOHHHH” Amy replied and crystal started to move her big pink dildo in and out of her “UMM BABY YAH” Amy started to get more excited as Crystal started kept going getting a little faster with focusing strictly on making her friend cum “UUUMM YAHH FUCK THAT PUSSY BABY” Amy was saying totally aroused as Crystal continued to go faster and faster “FFFUUUCCCKK” crystal moved on had to Amy’s hard nipples and started to pinch and fondle them “OHHH YAAHH” Amy went on as crystal started in on her clit licking it harder and harder faster and faster as she felt Amy buck her hips and yell “OHHH MYY GOODD IMM CUUUMMMIINNGG” and she lest every last bit of cum flow out of her Crystal took the dildo out sucking on it to make sure she got a taste Amy sat up and told Crystal “UMMM I loved that” and gave her a sweet kiss As Crystal said “my turn” and got down on all fours as Amy started in kissing and licking her all the way down to her wet and waiting pussy and Amy started to lick up and down as she slowly inserted the pink toy in Crystal “UMM YAH” Crystal moaned “feels good” as Amy continued her pump into Crystal and started to move faster and faster and pump away at the waiting pussy “UMMM OHH YAH FUCK MY AMY” Crystals moans started to get louder with Amy still pumping away “HARDER, HARDER YAHH BABY” Crystal was telling Amy as Amy moved in and started sucking on her asshole “OOOOHHH” Crystal was in heaven and couldn’t believe the pleasure she was reseaving from her best friend and didn’t want it to stop right them she felt to fake dick exit her and start poking at her asshole in tell in went right in “OHH MYY GOOD YEESSS” Crystal was in paradise as Amy was pumpin’ her dildo into Crystals ass Crystal had never made any attempt at anal sex before with her dildo but now she couldn’t get enough just as Amy stuck her fingers in Crystals pussy fucking it also “FUCK MY ASSHOLE” “YAAHHHH OHHHHHHH” Crystal could feel herself coming to climax and couldn’t hold it anymore and came “YYYYAAAAAAHHHH AAAAMMMYYYY OOOOOHHHH” as she finished and Amy took the dildo into her mouth to suck on what Crystal gave her “ummmm so good” Amy said satisfied and turned Crystal around and moved on top of her to give her the best kiss that Crystal had ever had “that was amazing” Crystal said to Amy as she looked at the time “SHIT” its almost 5 my mom is going to be home any second as thy both hurried to get ready after the panic Crystal said “Ill see you tomorrow ok. She always loved to look at porn when no one is home, she started to look around watching different movies and came across a lesbian movie “whoa” Crystal said she went to click the exit but waited and sat back in her seat and watched these two women make-out and lick each others pussies, Crystal felt interested, Crystal has never had sex with another women or even really thought about it and had boy friends but never even had sex with them but did loose her virginity to her 8inch pink friend as she continued watching and felt her nipples start to get hard she started to rub her nipples she always loved that feeling she noticed she was starting to get wet she licked her index and middle finger and slid them down to her awaiting pussy and started to rub her clit “oh my god” “ohhh yah” she just kept her eyes focused on the screen

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Que rica me imagino pararla bien a puras mamadas que rico mmmm me encanta la verga @Lady Sonia
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